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cammuel's Journal

G. C. Michael Rasmussen
20 July
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ok im Michael im 16 and live in Birmingham AL... trust me the true midle of nowhere. im a very spastic person who loves art and wants to go to NYU. I have two brothers Matt, who is 26 and lives somewhere in the united states and Brian who is 38 yes i said 38( i know he is old enough to be my dad... creepy) who lives in the UK and that i visit evry once and a while. they are both married and have kids i have a nephew who is a freekin genius(leteral) and two necies. i basicaly live by myself becuase my parents are never home and when they do misteriusly show up we have worked out away of never being in the same room at the same time. I am gay and came out to my friends in late seventh grade( though i probably wont come out to my parents because they will dissown me & im not speculating i know they will)i have a large meandering group of friends that are really cool and seem to dissapear every once-n--awhile... Im an uber video game geek , I own all 4 versions of FF7 ( sad i know , though the japanesse version has alot of sex scenes , and the guys flirt (( cid and vincent are a couple))) i only watch a couple of shows my favorite being QAF , but i watch everwood , summerland and Degrassi ( i like the original series more but they brote alot of the original cast back as techers and parents in TNG, I heart craig so much.) ..... Blah and half you people have no idea what im talking about but oh well. :)